Single for the 2019 album of the same name. Shot on location in Nashville, TN.
Robotics company BlueBay Automation displays their Technology in Nashville TN, at TennTech 2019.
Shot in East Nashville by Jeremy Harris -- Ugly Little Sunflower LP will be available this summer 2019 Many thanks to Don Bates, Jeremy Harris, Lake Markham, LK, Steve Forrest, Alex McCollough, Logan Buerlein and mi familia
Elevate 2108, recap video. Nashville, TN.
Created for Activate and Philosophy. Nashville CMA Fest, 2018.
New single by Nashville rocker Steve Forrest and his band The A-OKs. Filmed and directed by Jeremy Harris. © 2108 All Rights Reserved.
Black Venus: BIRTH. Filmed on location on Jefferson Street. Nashville, TN. © 2108 JeremyHARRIS Photographs. All Rights Reserved.
Created for The Nashville Whiskey Festival and Midtown Cork Dorks. October, 2017.
Southpole from new album "Veins" out March 11th on Manic Depression Records. Recorded produced and mastered by Brian Scott Herman at Treefort Studios, Brooklyn, NY. Shot at Birdy's in Brooklyn, NY. Camera by Jeremy Harris. Actors: Andy Bodor, Tess Kim, Nathanael Holland Rotsko, Maxwell J. Liege, Hayden Harker, Shay Bares, Hillary Johnson, Edward Nichols, Denman Anderson, Katie Delz, Roy Miller, Joe Hart, Alyssa Morrell, Pter Santiago, Mark Knight, Serena Goss, Giselle Padilla, Erik Aengel, Sandra Milena.
Jeremy Harris ( collects photographs and artifacts from deep inside abandoned mental illness hospitals. His work is featured in Mother Jones' cover story: "Schizophrenic. Killer. My Cousin." by Mac McClelland Produced by Brett Brownell & Sky Dylan-Robbins Camera by Sky Dylan-Robbins & Jason Bergman Edited by Brett Brownell Music: Human Factor "Researching the Dead" Justin Marcellus "Stay Hidden"
"Instincts" from Bootblacks Ep "Narrowed" on Rococo Records & Modern Tapes Steady Hand Production Sensorium Productions Camera Jeremy Harris Costume Makeup & Casting courtesy of Coley Gold Special Thanks to: Coco Garai & Power Animal Systems
"Voices," from the Bootblacks EP "Narrowed," out on Modern Tapes in April. Engineered and produced by Brian Scott Herman at SMT Studios. Shot by Jeremy Harris. Directed and edited by Ryan MacDonald. © Bootblacks 2013
• Non Profit • DJ Personal Use Only Official video from Brooklyn based band, Bootblacks. "The Flood," from Bootblacks debut album. Song produced by Jim Sclavunos, mixed by Jim and Peter Mavrogeorgis for Silver Alert Productions. Shot by: Jeremy Harris Edited by: Jacob Ungrey and Ryan "Panther" MacDonald Production: Krista MacDonald Stylists: Cadi Storm and Laura Manno Hair stylist: Terra Leadley Extras: Miz Margo, Nikki Sneakers, Becka Diamond, Ryan Parker, Myk O'Connor, Jacob Ungrey A Sensorium Production